The Mentorship that I have received has been of the utmost quality and tailored for me to facilitate a true work/life balance. As a mentee, I look forward to my Friday meetings with my mentor Sara, who continues to highlight and develop my skills in order to improve my professional development.

Rachel Bangura , LL.B

When I first learnt about the program, I was distraught from being rejected from 6 Canadian law schools despite my high grades (3.7 overall GPA, 3.9 in my final year of University) and extra curricular activities. This took a toll on my mental health because I felt I was not good enough to be a lawyer, which was hard because that’s what I have always wanted to be. Now, in just about 3 months into the mentorship, I have received 5 offers from UK Universities, including one from a top law school in the world. I owe it all to Sara’s mentorship and John’s expertise, particularly their personalized approach at getting to know me and providing resources tailored to my career specific goals. I 1000% recommend!

Tomi A., B.Comm